Garage Conversion Harrow

Garage Conversion in Harrow

A garage conversion is converting an existing garage into an extra living space. This can include turning the garage into a spare bedroom, utility room, home office, or laundry room. In some cases, garage conversion may also involve adding an en suite bathroom. In most cases, garage conversions are permitted developments, which means they are allowed by the local authority without planning permission. Converting garages can be a great way to add house value while creating additional liveable space.

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Garage Conversion Process

The garage conversion project in Harrow usually begins with the homeowner obtaining building regulations approval and garage conversion plans from the local authorities. Also, check to see if your property has permitted development rights. Once these have been obtained, the homeowner can begin to look for a structural engineer, and garage conversion specialists can help with the conversion. It is essential to ensure that all necessary permits and permissions have been obtained before beginning any work, as failure to do so could result in the project being delayed or even canceled.

Once all the necessary approvals have been received, the conversion process can begin. This usually involves making changes to the existing structure of the garage, such as adding new windows and doors, as well as making electrical, heating, and plumbing changes. The conversion process can be lengthy, but it is often worth it in the end, as a converted garage can add significant value to a property.

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Types of Garage Conversions

A garage conversion is a great way to add extra habitable space to your home without the expense and disruption of a traditional extension. There are three main types of garage conversions: converting a double garage, converting a detached one, and converting a partial garage.

Double Garage Conversions

Double conversion is the process of transforming two-car garages into two rooms. This usually involves building work, such as adding partition walls and doors, insulating the space, and installing flooring and electrical outlets. In some cases, the garage door may be removed, and the garage floors opened up to create a large, open room. Double conversions can be an excellent way to add extra storage space to your home, especially if you have a two-car garage that is not used to its full potential. With careful planning, garage conversion services can be a cost-effective way to increase the value of your home.

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Detached Garage Conversion

A detached conversion is a process whereby a garage conversion specialist converts your garage into a living space. This can be done for various reasons, such as to create an extra bedroom, a home office, or add more living space to a property. The process of converting a detached garages usually involves adding windows and internal doors, garage roof insulation, and making various other alterations to the structure. Once the conversion is complete, the garage will become habitable room in the house.

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Partial Garage Conversions

Partial conversion is transforming unused garage space in your garage into a new room. This is usually done by hiring professional garage converters to carry out the work. Partial garage conversions are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a cost-effective way to add living space to your home. While a complete garage conversion can be expensive, a partial conversion can be completed for a fraction of the cost. This makes it an excellent option for those on a tight budget. The most common type of partial garage conversion is to convert your garage into a new home office or hobby room. 

Benefits of Garage Conversion

More and more homeowners are finding that garage conversions offer a cost-effective way to add value and living space to their property. Garage conversion cost can vary depending on the size and layout of your garage, but it is typically much cheaper than an extension or loft conversion.

As well as adding valuable extra space, garage conversions can also help increase your house’s saleability and value. A professional company specializing in garage conversions will be able to carry out the work to a high standard, ensuring that the finished result is first-class. When choosing a company to carry out your conversion, it is essential to ensure that they are experienced and have a good reputation for quality workmanship. Garage conversions are usually installed with little fuss and disruption and should add value to your home.

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